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The Israeli Evaluation Group (IEG)  has started its evaluation activities of IMT Technologies in 2006, under the auspices of the Israeli Ministry of Communications, and has presented its first report in May 2007 (see Rev 1 to Document 8F/1193-E), after evaluating the IP-OFDMA technology. The IEG has resumed the activities in August 2009, targeting the evaluation of technologies to be proposed within the IMT-Advanced process. The IEG includes companies with expertise in the cellular industry and the Israeli regulatory authority. The contact persons are: MoC Israel: Dr. Haim Mazar, mazarh@moc.gov.il, mazar@ties.itu.int; Co-Chairs of the Israeli EVG: Mariana Goldhamer, Alvarion, mariana.goldhamer@alvarion.com, +972 544225548 and Eli Sofer, Runcom, elisofer@runcom.co.il, +972 544997996. The Methods of work: we conduct our work through face-to-face meetings and electronic correspondence. We had e-mail communications and hold three face-to-face meetings (August 2009, December 2009 and April 2010), assigning the activity coordinators for the different topics and discussing the evaluation results. Initially we targeted the evaluation of the two technologies proposed, but for different reasons we have concentrated our evaluation on the proposal in the document IMT-ADV-4 (IEEE 802.16 technology).

Interactions with other EGs: IEG participated in a number of meetings gathering the different evaluation groups: - Third Workshop on IMT-Advanced in Oct. 2009, Dresden; - Coordination Meetings organized by the proponents of IMT-ADV/4 (“IEEE Technology”), in Jan. 2010 in San Diego.
The report of IMT-Advanced Israeli Evaluation Group (IEG) is Document 5D/710-E 2 June 2010


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