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Peled Committee

The committee, headed by major-general (res.)  yossi Peled, was appointed by former Minister of Communications Ms. Limor Livnat, according to a government decision passed on October 21, 1996.

The committee submitted its recommendations (the summary of which, in Hebrew, can be found here), and the government adopted them on August 10, 1997 (Decision 2444).

The Establishment of the Broadcasting  Regulatory Administration

In accordance with Articles C (1) and (2) in the governmental decision 2444, the Broadcasting Regulatory Administration has been appointed (and started its activity in September 1997), as well as an inter-ministerial Steering Committee for the Administration. The Administration is chaired by Mr. Nitzan Chen, and directed by att. Ms. Dorli Almagor.
The need to establish a special Administration derived from the fact that the existing statutory bodies (the Broadcasting Authority, the Second Authority and the Council for Cable and Satellite TV) operate according to different laws under different ministers. The Administration was supposed, as an ad-hoc executive body that is not in charge specifically of granting concessions or of regular supervision, to offer a broad, inclusive, national point of view.

The Actions of the Broadcasting Regulatory Administration

The Administration is working to carry out the goal and tasks imposed on it by government decision 2444, and nowadays it is working on the preparation of tenders for 5 dedicated channels decided upon by the government: a news channel, Israeli immigrants channel, an Israeli Arab channel, an Israeli music channel and a tradition channel. These are five different channels, each one is a commercial TV channel based on commercials, and still each one is unique and has its own specific characterization. These channels are meant to give a solution to the lack of televised expression to an array of specific cultural niches of the Israeli society. Hence, the producing and broadcasting these dedicated channels, bears an important national and democratic significance.      
In addition, the Administration has a substantial role in supporting and assisting the work of the Council for Cable and Satellite Broadcasting, which possesses many authorities according to the Telecommunications Law, 1982. The work of the Administration includes preparation, analysis, opinions, drafts of decisions and rules proposed by the Council, assistance with tenders and other routine actions necessary for the implementation of the Council's work and authority. 



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